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February 27th 2008

And now I am back once again to my end of the month updates! As most of you know I have busy organising the AFA for the past couple of months so haven't had a chance to update. But am back today to update with 15 new wallpapers altogether, including 9 by our brand new artist Heather! I have also added in 4 pieces by J.J., 1 by Jenni-Lou and 1 by Amber. To read more about Heather, head on over to the About the Artists page. Hope you like the new additions!

January 5th 2008

Hey guys, sorry I wasn't around to do my end of December update, but I am back now with an update for you. Today I am adding in another new artist, Bre with 9 new wallpapers. Not got much else to add in just now, but I hope to have more to update with later. Hope you like the new pieces by Bre!

November 27th 2007

Okay, a fair bit of an update tonight. First of all we have a brand new skin, featuring Sylar, designed by the amazing Sarah-Beth. A huge thank you for giving this addition to the skin collection. To swap to this skin, then simply click here or select it from the navigation menu at a later date!

Also on this update I have some new art to add in. I am adding in a new artist, Amber, with seven new wallpapers to add to the archive, to read more about Amber, check out the About the Artists page, which by the way I also updated with Sarah-Beth's information. But, I have also added in two new pieces by myself, Sayjay, and two by Sarah-Beth. So plenty of art to keep you occupied! Hope you like the new additions!

October 30th 2007

I think this is going to be a monthly updated site, unless I manage to get a chance to update it more often than that. But for now, let's say the end of each month I'll update, :) Tonight I am adding in another artist Sarah Beth with 12 amazing new pieces to add to the archive, be sure to check them out! But remember to view by category to avoid spoilers! Artist information is coming soon, ;) But, I have also added in 2 new additions from J.J. to the archive, hope you like!

September 28th 2007

Welcome to the newest archive for 'good' and 'high' quality wallpapers, this one, "9th Wonders" is for the amazing television series Heroes. And along with this opening this new archive tonight, I have the first batch of art to be added: 14 fantastic pieces by Jenni-Lou, 18 astounding pieces by J.J. and also 8 pieces by myself, Sayjay. Giving this archive a great beginning with 3 artists and 40 pieces. Not to mention a kick-ass layout designed by J.J. which is the third of the skins available, click here to check it out. I hope that you like the website, and keep visiting, I look forward to updating again soon!

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Respect Our Artists I really hope you like this site and the wallpapers archived here. Please remember these wallpapers belong to their respective artists and are not to be archived on other websites unless the proper permission is given. These artists have allowed their wallpapers to be archived here and I do hope you respect them.