Welcome to the "Academy of Fanart Artists", this group aims to support and honour the many fabulous artists in our community, and as such, hold an annual award ceremony to celebrate the art produced in each year. This Academy has held three annual awards ceremonies to date with amazing success and fantastic turn-outs. I'm sure those of you who have attended our events will agree they are particularly exciting and enjoyable for all! But, I bet you're wondering what this is all about still, right? Well, keep reading!
The Ceremony
The main idea behind these awards are that they are for fanartists, made by fanartists, and decided by the fanartist community as a whole. The reason this event is different from all other challenges or awards is that there is not just one judge, or two, but every member of the AFA is a judge and every member has equal say. You get to nominate your art and choose what pieces you think are your best from this year in a number of categories. You will then be asked to vote for your favourites in each category; at the end of the day all of the points are put together and the winners get given awards during the ceremony. There are 28 categories in total that you can nominate in; however, there is also a category for best overall wallpaper and best overall artist; so there will be 30 opportunities in total to win an award!
The “AFA” is the Academy of Fanart Artists. It was set up as a group of fanartists that wanted to basically celebrate their art throughout a specific year. All you need to be a member of the AFA is to have your own art hosted somewhere online (forum, site, DA, LJ, etc) where others can see it (it must be your own work and not stolen pieces). Everyone is welcome to enter whether you have been creating fanart for two months, two years or for as long as you can remember!
Official Venue

To discuss the AFA, leave feedback, or ask questions, check out the AFA section, here.
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