What is the AFA?
Ultimately the AFA, or 'Academy of Fan Artists', is just a group of artists from the fanart community, who share a love for creating wallpapers, and want to be a part of this ceremony.

What does the AFA do?
The AFA members will be able to nominate their pieces in the upcoming awards ceremony, and will vote in each category to determine the winners of the 2008 awards.

What is a member expected to do?
Members do not need to nominate their art, to take part in the voting, but if you sign up to be a member, you must fill in the voting slip during the voting period outlined in the dates section. As a member, the only thing required of you is that you must vote - this will determine what pieces the fanart community deems the best of the best, and worthy of winning these awards.

What do I get from being a member?
You will get a link back to your website, Buffy Forums account, livejournal account and email from the Members section, and a button link back to your site from the Links page. You will also get to take part in this fun new awards ceremony and help to determine the winners.

How do I join?
Simply read the rules, and make sure you are eligible to join, and then go to apply.