The Awards Ceremony

What is the Awards Ceremony?
The awards ceremony is an opportunity for artists to nominate their best pieces of the past year in a selection of categories, and hope to win some pretty awards for them. However, the twist is, the judging will not be done by myself, or staff of this awards site, it will be done by ALL of the members of the AFA, and all of those who nominate will become judges. So when you win your award, you'll know that it was the fanart community that voted your piece the best.

When will it be?
Keep coming back to check the dates section here, but if all goes to plan, the awards ceremony will be held in the middle of March, with all of the winners announced and awards available to collect. The voting period will be during February, but please make sure you take a note of the final dates when and as they are announced. The 2007-2008 ceremony (first annual ceremony) was held on February 23rd 2008 and was a huge success and I look forward to hosting the event each and every year!

What Awards Could I Win?
Depending on the number of nominees in each category, will dictate what awards are given out. If there are 15 or more nominees, I hope to give out 1st - 5th place and 2 runner up awards, and for more than 25 nominees there will be 1st-5th place and 5 runner-up awards. However, if there are less than 15 nominees, the exact number of pieces nominated will dictate the number of awards available, eg. in 2007 there were 7 pieces nominated for best "Bones" wallpaper and only 3 placement awards were given out. We also have an overall Best of the Best category, which will be the top 15 wallpapers with the most points, and a category for Best Artist with places 1-10 available. So there will be absolutely loads of awards to win, in a multitude of categories. To view them all, see the categories list. Also note that the number of awards given out have varied over the years and may change again this year!

How Do I Nominate?
Well, first of all you need to make sure that you have read the rules, and then sign up to be a member. All nominations take place via email, so it is important that you sign up with an email address that you check often so that you know when the new round of nominations will open! Note that: only AFA members will be eligible to nominate/vote, so be sure to sign up as a member, and check out the About the AFA page!

How Will the "Ceremony" Work?
I want to try and do the ceremony at a time suitable for most people, so that we can have a lot of people online, and have the awards announced bit by bit... if possible. The ceremony will be held at our official venue and sponsor Buffy Forums, thanks to lovely Nikki for having us! As for the ceremony itself, I will be having a Red Carpet/Reception for members, a short introduction to the evening, and then shall post the winners and awards in stages, and get a few "acceptance speeches" from the winners! :P Any other ideas or suggestions for the awards ceremony are welcome.