Voting System

How do I vote?
Once the nominations are closed, the voting slips will be emailed out to all of the members of AFA, so if you you want to vote, please make sure that you are a member prior to the voting period beginning, otherwise you will not receive your voting slip.

Instructions will be given on your voting slip, however, all you do is list your top 5, in order, for each category, listing the name of the piece, and artist. For example:
Best Supernatural Episodic:
1. Title 1, by Artist 1
2. Title 1, by Artist 2
3. Title 1, by Artist 3
4. Title 1, by Artist 4
5. Title 1, by Artist 5
And once you have filled in your voting slip, and completed ALL SECTIONS of it. You simply email it back to myself, and the votes will be counted and verified.

How do the votes decide who wins?
When you list a wallpaper as your number 1 favourite for any category it will receive 5 points, any voted number 2 will receive 4 points, 3rd will receive 2 points, 4th gets 2 points, and 5th will get one point. All the points will be added together, and the wallpaper with the most points is the winner, and so on and so forth.

What if there is a tie?
In the situation that there is a tie between two wallpapers, they will share the placement award. Unless there are multiple wallpapers tied (3 or more), in which case we will ask our members to vote between these three (or more) in order to assign placements. (This is merely an idea, other suggestions are welcome at this stage.)

How are the 'Best Wallpapers' decided?
All wallpapers are automatically nominated for the 'Best Wallpaper' category, everyone will merely vote for their favourite from the list, and the wallpaper with the highest votes wins. Obviously there will be a lot to choose from, so this could be a tight competition!