2009-2010 Awards Ceremony: Dates

Below are the provisionary dates set out for the 2008-2009 awards ceremony, these are subject to change, so be sure to keep checking back for any updates or alterations! At the moment, we are going with the dates used for the 2008 ceremony, and may have the Awards Ceremony coincide with the Oscars Awards Ceremony, just for novelty.

Nominations Begin: 1st July 2009
Nominations Close: 31st December 2009

Nominations Announced: Friday 8th January 2010

Voting Forms Mailed: Friday 8th January 2010
Voting Period: Friday 8th January - Saturday 20th February 2010

Final Polls Close: 27th February 2010

Votes Counted & Verified: 27th Feb - 13th March


Please note that the times for the awards ceremony have not yet been confirmed.