AFA: Awards Ceremony 2008: The Red Carpet

Red Carpet Arrivals

Our photographer was hard at work on the red carpet on the evening of the ceremony snapping shots of all of our members as they arrived, and has now produced some memento photos of your red carpet arrivals. Here are the members who dared to tread down our fantabulous red carpet with some stunning designs. All artists are listed in order of appearance (left to right), click on the icons to view the memento photographs snapped in your full ensemble - artists who turned up in their PJs trying to dodge the cameras will be included later in our candids section! Not to mention the fact there were a few of you eager artists who took two spins down the red carpets after having a slight change in attire, admit it - you just wanted more photos you posers!

Dana (1)
Dana (2)
Mindy (1)
Mindy (2)
Clement (1)
Clement (2)

Please note that icons above are not in their original format, they are merely thumbnails of the memento photographs and thus have slightly altered colouring.

The Candids!

And now for those candid shots of you in your first posts, :O Oh dear, yes, I did snap you in your entrance to the event, even those of you who didn't get your glad rags on - best you wish you had now! I've pulled out a quote from each artist to go along with each candid shot... just remember those journalists were out with their notepads too! (These are in alphabetical order, click the artists name to see their candid shot!)

Amber: "Changed into my second dress as you can see!"
Bre: *Walks onto carpet a little sloshed because of Dana*
Ciderdrinker: "I'm here in my big limo with seven burly and buff bodyguards"
Clement:"Oops have to go, I left Lindsay Lohan in the limo..."
Clement 2:"I put my ceremony tux on."
Dan: "Trying not to be spotted by photographers and journalists"
Dana: *steps onto redcarpet and poses for the photographers and talks to the journalists*
Dana 2: "Consider me in for next year"
Ehlwyen: *hops out of the limo and shows off her newly whipped together duds*
Galathea: *hides behind sunglasses and long coat*
Heather: *Strikes a pose - hand on her hip, pouty face on - and struts down the red carpet*
Jenni-Lou: "I got my jammy-jams on! This is vintage Jenni-Lou couture sleepwear."
JJ: "I'm here. I lost track of time, when I was gathering random snacks!"
Lexus: "Woooh. Party!"
Lexus (2): *Runs back in* and... COSTUME CHANGE! *Twirls Cape*
Line: *sneaks in through the back door*
Line (2): *sneaks in through the back door* (Revisited!)
LRae: "Woooot! Time to party!"
Marie: "Yes, I'm wearing a new creation by Dana, specifically made for the event"
Marilyne: *arrives in a last-minute dress and tries to hug everyone at the same time*
Mindy: "Your dress is beautiful!"
Mindy 2: "Ooh! This is so exciting!"
Nikki: "I managed to put a knife into my finger tonight and bled all over my fancy dress"
Peace:"Um, Hi" *shuffle*
Tam: "I am sneaking in with the camera"
Wendy: "Congratulations!"