Welcome to Mongrel Minds, my growing fanart portfolio hosted by Sayjay. Here you'll find my own fanart that I've made over the years for all my other crazy obsessions. I also have lots of goodies, such as textures, screencaps, tutorials and stock photos, to help my fellow artists. Please don't take anything and call it yours, do not hotlink, don't post anything from here on other sites and if you use any goodies of mine, credit with a link.

Hey guys, not so much art is this time since I mainly wanted to get some goodies up and code this new layout. It's featuring one of my favourite models Ash Stymest and doesn't carry a deeper meaning than that I wanted to experiment with some brushes and create a more clean and graphic look than I usually go with for Mongrel Minds. | 13 new textures are updated in the textures section, enjoy if you take and remember to credit me if you use!
I've added two of my own web icons to the navigation bar, the heart dude and the pencil, if you like them and want to use them you can find them and 15 other web icons in a package here. | So now for the fun stuff, I've got one new Harry Potter wallpaper, one Supernatural episodic and a character wall for City of Bones (Mortal Instruments).
'Lay Your Halo Down' A simple Hermione piece, I wanted to portray her insecurity and fear of failure, with the light/halo being a metaphor for everything she tries to master and be perfect at and broken glass and cracked sky as a symbol of failure. Not that I believe that she's a failure, but her fear of being one is the concept.
'Black Hole' Supernatural 4.20 spoilers ! This piece is made for Marilyne's 'Pick A Package' challenge over at Effulgent. I choose to art this moment after seeing two of the stocks that she had provided; one stock of an eclipse and one rusty metal stock. The eclipse's dark hole made me think of Sam's addiction for demon blood that has gotten out of hand through out the season, his lust for demon blood is like a black hole that he's being sucked into, so I used that stock twice to show the darkness that he's sinking into. Then I used the metal stock Marilyne featured and some other ones simply to portray his raw lust for power and strength, instead of going with the usual blood splatters and veins.
'Tastes Like Caramel' I finally got around to read the first book in the Mortal Instruments series so I made a Alec wall out of love for the man! The shapes that encloses around him is portraying how protective he is, both of his own feelings(atleast in CoB) and his protective tendencies towards his loved ones, which I believe is the reason that people - who don't know him - thinks he is a snob. The puzzle piece along with the lines represents his life and how he 'fits' with other people, the grungy light is supposed to be this image that he gives of himself together with the piece of lyrics that's based on Clary's comment on him being a snob. I think he's kind of misunderstood in this way, he keeps so much of himself locked up that people see the wrong image of him, which is my sort-of concept. And this one is also made for Marilyne's 'Pick A Package' challenge at Effulgent.
I also have two new amazing affiliates that you must check out, they both have wonderful sites and great art, Danny @ Inside Us All and Vi @ Addiction! | Extra huggles for all my supersweet taggers, I haven't had the time to answer you all but I'll do it asap &hearts [ The tagboard can be found behind the new pencil icon in my navigation/sidebar. ]

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