Welcome to Radiance
Welcome to my little corner of the web, Radiance, dedicated to bringing you my little contribution to the fanart community. This site is designed for resolutions 1024x768 and above, all artwork created within belongs to me, please don't hotlink or steal, it's just not nice!

Radiance mostly houses my collection of wallpapers - new, old and dead! My main fandoms for arting change constantly, you'll find everything from Dark Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, to my more recent fascinations like White Collar, Revenge, Grimm and the DC Universe!

I have a few resources available, albeit a much trimmed down version of what was here before. Have a look around and if you like my work, save Radiance to your favourites and pop back to see my updates!
April 25th 2016 - Wallpapers

April 17th 2016 - Wallpapers

April 10th 2016 - Wallpapers

April 3rd 2016 - Wallpapers

February 16th 2016 - Wallpapers

January 19th 2016 - Wallpapers

January 13th 2016 - Wallpapers

January 7th 2016 - Wallpapers

December 30th 2015 - Wallpapers

December 27th 2015 - Wallpapers

I have also added a new affiliate today, Marilyne's site, Skies of Silver.
November 17th 2015 - Wallpapers

I have also added a new layout today - Felicity Smoak, "I'm Not Any Kind of Criminal".
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