The Wallpaper Graveyard
Despite the fact that most of these are old and hideous, I decided to keep them on my site for a couple of reasons, one so that I can hopefully re-make them, and two because I don't want to totally lose them. So I have decided to create a little 'Wallpaper Graveyard' where these pieces can now... well... rest in piece :P Lol, yes, I know I'm insane!

These are "Recently Deceased" - i.e. not as bad as the hideously old and the "OMG I made that??" pieces:
  • BtVS/Angel (10)
  • Dark Angel (23)
  • Heroes (11)
  • Moonlight (17)
  • Misc (12) - includes Blood Ties, Point Pleasant, Chuck, etc
  • Supernatural (27)
  • For the ridiculously old pieces I have:
  • Buffy episodic (10)
  • Angel episodic (7)
  • Other BtVS/Ats pieces (6)
  • Supernatural (13)

    CLICK HERE to see these AWFUL pieces, lol.