This little section of Radiance is dedicated to all things site-ly! I have some little bits of information about the history of Radiance, in the form of site information, and some credits to thank those who helped me in my early stages. I also have a collection of the past layouts used on Radiance with screencaps of them all, as well as lists of resources and fonts used to make them!

I house all of my awards and gifts in this little section as well. There are the very pretty site awards that Radiance has received over time, as well as gifts that I have received from many of my friends online for various holidays throughout the year (and some 'get well soon' wishes for the numerous times I've been ill or in hospital!). There's some really pretty graphics hidden among those awards and gifts worth checking out!

My art awards are also tucked away in here, I have only recently organised them into the year they were received. But these awards catalogue when I got them, for what pieces, from what challenge, and from whom they were received. I have also added in my AFA awards from the 2007-2008 round of the awards (see below for more AFA information!), so be sure to check them out for some awesome awards designed by a multitude of artists!

Lastly, I have my links collections, my friends, dailies, and affiliates for you to check out, and if you really loved your visit to Radiance, then please Link Back!!!. Thanks!
Please Visit: Academy of Fanart Artists!

The 'AFA' holds a ceremony to celebrate the fanart created each year. Artists nominate their own pieces, and then take part in a voting procedure to pick the winning pieces of that year in a variety of categories. These awards are judged by the fanart community as a whole, and the awards ceremony is something quite spectacular! If you're not already a part of this great community please check out the site and join up!