Well it's taken me months to get round to sorting the site out but here it is. I want to start by saying Thank You to a few people. First off Wendy because not only because she is such an awesome friend and because she has put up with all the endless questions I've sent her way. Thanks hun for the coding *hugs*.

I also want to thank Nikole because when Unending first began it didn't have a home and Nikole made that possible, Thank you for hosting me for all that time ^_^ and I want to thank Sayjay for offering me a new home and letting me become part of the left-unspoken family. I've had chance to upload most of site content - mainly the art sections but there is still a few things under site which need sorting. If you would still like to affiliate please let me know and if your link has changed I''ll get right on it. Theres three new pieces all of them Twilight... Hope you like them