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Welcome to Witty Comeback, a personal website conceived to display the fanart and fanfiction of a little woman named Heather! Born on August 16, 2005 to Miss Heather, WC has gone through much development since it's birth and has grown into the current being you see on your screen at this very moment.

Heather would like to recognize all of those who are inspirations to her but, alas, the list is too long. So if you feel you are an inspiration to Heather, just pretend your name is printed pretty on this page.

There are some major rules, too, that everyone must abide by no matter what:

1. Give credit where credit is due. Should you use something on this site (IE: Resources, icons, etc...) please credit me.

2. Don't even think about even considering claiming anything on this site as your own. Chances are, it is not. And if it is, I'll give you credit.

That is all. It is with great pleasure that Heather opens her doors for you all to enter her vastly complicated, creative mind.

...Heather would also love to stop talking about herself in third person...


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OCTOBER 2, 2010:
So, it's been a while but I've got eight new wallpapers for all of you! And there's a crapload of work-in-progress pieces that I've got saved and am trying to finish so that means another update is already in the works. HOORAY!

Why does every single update of mine end with "hooray?"

New Stuff:
:: 8 wallpapers (1 Dr. Who, 1 Fringe, 1 Glee, 1 Lost, 1 Supernatural, 1 TSCC, 1 True Blood, 1 Vamp Diaries)

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